My order comes with a digital product, where is my download link?
Download links for digital products are delivered in their own separate email. When placing an order, you will receive one email for your order confirmation, and then a separate email containing links for your download. If neither of these have been received, please be sure to check your spam folder, as they may be caught in there. If for whatever reason these emails are not received after placing an order, contact us, and we'll get these to you right away. 

How are digital files delivered? 

Digital products are delivered in .zip archived file format. Please do not use a mobile device or tablet to access the download, since these devices do not typically have the capability to uncompress such a file. Most desktop computers come with programs that will easily read .zip files, we suggest opening these files on such a device. For Mac OS users, double clicking to uncompress .zip files is native. For PC users, you will need a program like Winzip, or similar programs, to uncompress this file.