What is a pre-order?
Pre-orders are orders taken before the actual release date of a product, so that you, the awesome fan, can be sure to secure your order of the item before it's official release. 

My order contains a pre-order item, why hasn't it shipped yet? 
Pre-orders usually ship a few days before the official release date of an item, but no earlier. If the official release has come, and you still have not received a shipment confirmation email, it may be due to the fact that we have not received the actual inventory for the item yet. We know that's a bummer, but know that the moment we receive the inventory, we work fervently to get orders processed and shipped right away.

My order contains other items along with a pre-order item, why haven't my other products shipped?
If your order contains both pre-order and non-preorder items, the entire order will ship in full when the pre-order item becomes available. We are unable to split shipments or ship other items separately. If you would like additional items shipped before the release date of a pre-order product, please place two separate orders for these items.