The cause of record skipping usually boils down to a couple of different types of issues:

The first is when there is insufficient pressure on the arm itself, causing the needle to jump from place to place. In the past a quick fix for this problem was to place a penny, nickel or other small coin to the top of the arm, where the needle is, in order to add some extra weight and pressure where the needle touches the grooves. However, in the present, most modern turntables have an adjustable knob which will accomplish the same thing, without the need for a coin. Most of the time, turntable manufacturers send the table out with the down force set on the low side to give the cartage a good long life, or its just plain installed incorrectly. Most cartridges should have somewhere between 2-3 grams of down force.

Secondly, new vinyl are often left unwashed from the printers, meaning that there is a coating of "mold-release" (a spray that keeps the soft vinyl from sticking to the press). Wash the new vinyl with record cleaner, or just play it a couple of times and your table will just rub the stuff off on its own.

Please try both of the solutions offered and contact us if the problem persists.