How do you package and ship vinyl records?

All vinyl orders are packed in our custom-sourced one-piece mailer designed specifically for shipping vinyl. We understand the importance of receiving your vinyl in pristine condition. We’re fans just like you, and so we take great care to ensure your order is packed and shipped with love so that you receive your order in the best condition possible.  

Why is Media Mail not a shipping option?

Merchline does not offer Media Mail as a shipment option. We realize Media Mail is available from the USPS, but we intentionally do not offer Media Mail as a shipping option due to its severely high damage rate on shipments, not to mention the overly long duration time it takes for shipments to arrive to you, our awesome customers. We want to make sure we deliver fantastic product offerings and exceptional service to you at all times, and know that we would never gouge you, the fan, when it comes to shipping costs. We keep shipping costs down as low as possible, while still maintaining a service level that not only delights you the customer, but is also balanced with exceptional delivery and reliability when it comes to shipping options. We feel that Media Mail accomplishes neither of these attributes.